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When providing our services, the customer’s needs are always our priority. We are highly specialized, so we can offer a fast and trouble-free service. The customer can thus be confident that any machine downtime is minimal.

Vetra International

All in one place

We offer products as well as all related services. If external suppliers are needed, we organize them.

We Offer

Scales installation and service

Upon scales sale, we perform a full installation, user training and hand over all necessary documentation. Our technicians are trained and equipped to perform independently wherever necessary.


Conformity assesment

Scales certified as legal for trade require regular review and approval. We check the scale, arrange certified weights and coordinate with an independent authorized inspector.

Diverse solution

Custom solutions

Thanks to years of experience and own scales development, we can create unique solutions for specific situations. Scale functions, integration with other hardware, industrial automation or specific data transfer solutions are accessible for everyone.